Everything you need to know about Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Shoppers today experience a unified journey. That’s why is mandatory to use that platform which is monitoring all customers, orders, and products across all the channels, including online/offline, and customer service.

When we have a better experience with a brand, we are happier customers, we buy more and tend to come back, and that translate into growth revenue. Salesforce Commerce Cloud role is to grow the business, engage with the customers and do it all in better, faster and innovator way.

Since it is a unified platform, it works on all the channels – the web, mobile, social and the physical store, through all sites and all the brands across all the geographies. The platform is location aware, so you can direct your customer based on where  they are. This fact is based on our trusted global infrastructure. This trusted global infrastructure is a perfect foundation for Salesforce continuous innovation model.

The purpose of this paper is to convince decision makers that they need to adopt e-commerce solutions that fit in today’s world.

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